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1. Install Steam, and Alien Swarm ( if not set.
2. Download our mod from here
3. Extract all files to Steam folder with replacement or such as here 'd:\Steam\steamapps\common\alien swarm\'
4. In the file server.cfg change the server name and RCON password to the right.
5. The server is started via a shortcut start_server.cmd (port can be changed in this file)
on the command line with the parameters: srcds.exe -console -condebug -game swarm -port 27017 +map lobby -maxplayers 6 +exec server.cfg
6. In order for your server to use the statistics, it is necessary to have a static external IP address. And tell a friend Zak (through Steam chat) that same IP address and port.
7. Internet channel should not be hammered by various torrent rocking (or do the restrictions, if the link is slow). Minimum desired rate of 5 Mbit / s

Paranoia : Full version
Lana`s Escape
BI Rescue
The Beginning
Tears For Tarnor, Ch.1:Insertion
Dead City
Operation Cleansweep
Call to Cathalu
Operation: Chaos Theory
Research 7

Download Alien Swarm

Mappack for testing (discussion here)

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